Developer Documentation


Swagger-Compliant API Documentation

Knetik Cloud uses Swagger to document every aspect of the platform API. We use Swagger UI to deliver a familiar, easy to navigate interface and the ability to test some of the endpoints right from your browser. In addition, you can use POSTMAN to load all the API collections by simply importing the JSON definition file at

Sample Apps

We have put together a sample Tic-Tac-Toe application to showcase some of the most useful features used by game developers. While this example is basic, it will help you understand how to use the SDKs and get familiar with the platform philosophy.

Some of the topics covered include

  • User registration and authentication
  • Achievements and leveling
  • Store management
  • Virtual currency
  • Payment
  • And more...


These libraries are thin wrappers around the REST endpoints. Aside from providing all of the models so you don’t have to type the boilerplate code, they also help with formatting query strings and handle a lot of the authentication logic.

Game Engine Plugins

Built on top of specifically optimized SDKs, they provide a more sophisticated level of integration with your favorite development IDE. In some cases, they also include useful widgets to make certain tasks easier.

For other languages, you can use Swagger CodeGen, which provides a wide array of generators – but support will be limited. We intend to be more active within the CodeGen community in order to help expand support for more complicated edge cases we have experienced with our platform. We will also be adding more official SDKs as we are able to test them fully.