STOMT is a feedback-driven customer success platform for games. We allow feedback loops at scale to drive better product decisions, increase retention and unlock upsell potential within the customer base. Thereby we integrate into any touchpoint like the game itself, websites, apps and even your Twitch stream.

Red Queen

Red Queen enables the players of your game to create amazing companion apps, which utilize gameplay data. These apps are things such as damage calculators, deck builders, match analysis tools, interactive maps, and more! When players users these types of apps they have more fun, spend more time playing, and happily spend more money in-game. Utilize Red Queen to start gaining even more value from the data you're already capturing.


UP THE ACTION with LetsBet, a patented social betting platform for skill-based mobile, console and PC games! Players use major credit cards, PayPal, Ether or Bitcoin to purchase LetsBetCoin. Linked to market exchanges, players are able to set wagers in their preferred currency view and cash out for real money.


Player XP offers you a new way to monitor your Online Communities, Console/PC Storefront User Reviews and Mobile App Stores. Take control of your long form feedback and easily monitor how player opinion changes for your titles. Through a combination of Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing, Player XP automatically identifies any issues your players are having with your game. Player posts and reviews are collected and processed hourly, allowing you to quickly spot any new problems arising. By introducing Player XP to your community engagement, QA or release approach, you are also introducing a measurable metric in the form of player sentiment and discussion volume.


EQU8 is a unique and personal anti-cheat solution for eSports and online computer games; providing deep intelligence not only into who is cheating, but how and why. With EQU8, you can focus on game development while we focus on cheat analyis, yet without you losing control. The EQU8 dashboard and API allows you to be exactly as involved in the cheat management process as you want to be.


We make multiplayer simple. Photon provides unparalleled cross-platform support, proven in countless games. Easily add Multiplayer to your games, run them in the Global Photon Cloud, or host your own Photon servers. Trusted by 270,000+ developers, join the world’s #1 independent networking engine and multiplayer platform.

Ignite a world of possibilities. Deploy a bespoke modding solution, tailor-made for your game & controlled by you. Use tools built for Unity, Unreal and more to make supporting mods a breeze. Let us manage storage, bandwidth and scaling so you can focus on developing your game. Trusted by 33 million visitors annually to ModDB and IndieDB.